Week 19

19 | 52

I’m playing catch up here a little bit, these photos were all taken during week 19.

These last few weeks I have been TIRED! We have been keeping super busy and while it is so great and beneficial  to have things to do with the kids but the natural introvert in me needs a break. If I don’t have one or two days a week where we just stay home, relax and clean then I feel completely out of whack. While I thrive from hanging out with friends, getting outside and making big plans, sometimes mama just needs a break!

We did some fun things this week, we went on a coffee date with my mom and spent some time at the beach. Phoenix got to put his toes in the sand and Vivien spent her time filling up her buckets with rocks. We did some painting and funny story..when I pulled out the paint and the canvases I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be cute if Vivien made a pretty painting then I can hang it on our wall as artwork..something cool and abstract!” Well, its definitely abstract haha! She took her paintbrush and just started mixing all the colors together in a big circle and it turned into mustardy chartreuse color. Not exactly what I had in mind but you go girl!

Over the weekend I went to a baseball game with some of my oldest girlfriends and D and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. Two kid free nights in one weekend?! Being a mom is my most favorite thing and I love my babies so much but like I said “mama needs a break”.  I got to feel like a real adult, I did my hair and make up and and I put on a real bra. I spent TWO nights without a baby on my hip and a spit up stained shirt and it was absolutely magical!


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