Phoenix | Two Months

Phoenix Stone is two months old!

Phoenix is such a sweet little guy. He smiles so much, he makes noises and “talks”, and he loves to snuggle. He loves bath time and pooping in the bath tub haha! He has been sleeping so good at night and takes 2 or 3 long naps during the day, we still swaddle him at night. He is growing like a weed and weighs 15 lbs. Most of his 0-3 month clothes are too small so he is wearing a lot of 3-6 months right now. He is such a happy baby, super content to just chill and hang out with us. 

For a while he was taking a pacifier but wasn’t really keeping it in his mouth. So I went on a Paci hunt, trying to find a different kind that he liked. I went through quite a few and finally found that he likes the avent brand best and is able to keep it in his mouth easier. So if your baby is having a hard time with pacifiers I recommend trying avent! 

These last two months with two kids has been so fun! We have been going on more walks and getting back to normal life with more activities in our day to day. Baby wearing is definitely his jam, he loves to be worn. I love it too and find that it’s so much more neccesary with the second baby, so I can have free hands to do things with Vivien. 





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