One Month Favorites

These are my favorite baby products I used with Phoenix in his first month. Every one of these things we still use at 2 months but they were definite must haves when he was first born. I seriously couldn’t live without them!

  1. Snuggle Me Organic- This lounger is probably my favorite thing on this list. It allows us to safely co sleep with Phoenix in our bed. When you lay the baby down the fabric hugs them in and makes your baby feel like they are being snuggled. Phoenix sleeps so well in this and I love that its portable so he will sleep this good anywhere we go.
  2. Haakaa Manual Pump- I use this pump in addition to my Spectra, which I also love! I use the Haakaa on the opposite side of my electric pump and it catches the let down. It saves about 1oz of milk that can be fed to baby rather than going into my nursing pad.
  3. Lou Lou & Co Newborn bundle- I cannot say enough good things about this bundle! The material is so soft and stretchy. The blanket is huge and perfect for swaddling your babe. The hat has the perfect amount of stretch so  it stays on their little head. The little mittens are tiny and stay on little newborn hands. This isn’t the color and print we have but I love this one just as much!
  4. Angel Care Baby Bath- I love this bath tub because it allows Phoenix and Vivie to take a bath together while still supporting him and keeping him safe.
  5. Burt’s Bees Pajamas- These Pjs are my favorite! They are made with organic cotton so they are super soft and all of their prints are adorable! They have built in mittens in sizes newborn and 0-3 months and they have a zipper instead of buttons which is great for those middle of the night diaper changes.
  6. Comotomo bottles- We tried these and Dr. Brown bottles and at first he liked both but now he prefers the comotomo. I love that they naturally shaped and the whole bottle is made out of flexible silicone. They are also really easy to wash.

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