Keeping Vivien entertained

One thing I’ve been trying to work on with Vivien is independent play. Toys have never really been her thing, she has so many and none of them really keep her attention for very long.

Right after Phoenix was born someone gave her some big sister gifts and one of the gifts was a wooden birdhouse and some paint. She was super excited about it and she spent probably 45 minutes painting. We talked about how we would let her bird house dry and hang it outside, then some little birds could make it their home and build a nest for their babies.

This activity kept her occupied by herself for a good 45 minutes and afterwards I got to teach her about birds and how they make nests. We have lots of paint and paper that she can use but I’ve never thought to get her a little painting activity like this. I found lots of similar things target and they were fairly inexpensive. Vivien picked out this little frog from the dollar section and I picked up a few other projects for her. Thinking outside the box a little bit and creating more structured activities for her has helped her grow and play more independently. As I’m writing this she is sitting on the floor singing and playing with a puzzle by herself! 

The cool thing is this one structured activity sparked a lot more creativity for her and kept her busy all morning. Here is a picture of what everything looked like afterwards haha.

Oh and we finally found a good use for peeps. These were also a gift and she asked to paint them. “SURE you can paint the peeps!” Poor girl doesn’t even know they’re candy and I don’t plan on telling her anytime soon haha!


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