How to Take Great Pictures with your Phone

You don’t need a fancy camera to take photos of your kids that you love.  DSLR cameras can be expensive and even if you DO have one you don’t always have time to run into the other room to grab it and capture your baby’s first smile or those first steps.

#1 Lighting/ exposure- Natural light is the best light in my opinion. Its super flattering and is the number one thing I look for when taking pictures at home. So open up those curtains and the let the pretty light in! Place your baby or kid by the window and play around with the angles and different times of day to see what looks best. I don’t always take pictures of Vivien when the light is perfect because I would miss some real and amazing moments but I do try to take advantage of the times when the light is pretty, bright and natural.

#2 Angles- Play with your angles. Think outside the box. The way you frame your image can take a photo from okay to a great! Get on your kids level, take the picture from their point of view. Get creative! Take the picture from a “bird’s eye view” take in the whole scene and capture those memories. Try to avoid “cutting off” limbs if you can help it. It doesn’t look natural and leaves your pictures looking a little odd. Also, it’s okay to break the rules sometimes. Your subject doesn’t always have to be in the center of the frame. Play with, the rule of thirds and mix things up. If you don’t know what the rule of thirds is you can read about it here.

#3 Focus- This one is HUGE. Getting your focus right can make or break a good photo. The good news is it’s pretty easy to get it right on your phone if you know what to do. When your camera is open and your ready to take your photo, click on your subject or whatever you want to be in focus. A little square will pop up and it will focus and adjust your exposure so it all looks crisp and clean. If you have an iPhone 7+ you are lucky, the portrait mode is AMAZING! It gives you the option to play around with your depth of field and gives you those creamy and blurry backgrounds that are achievable with a DSLR. Try to hold your hand still when you click shutter button, this seems obvious but is a good thing to remember!

#4 Editing- It’s the icing on the cake, It completes your photo. It’s also a chance to fix anything you want to change. You can make your photo lighter or darker, if you want a crisper image you can add sharpening or increase the contrast. The rule of thumb with editing is a little bit goes a long way, start slow and work your way up. If your too heavy handed you will end up with an overly sharp or un natural looking photo. Play around with filters and try to find your style. Once you find a style you like, edit all of your photos in a similar way it will give you a cohesive look!

One thing I like to remember is, embrace the imperfections. Your lighting wont always be perfect, your image might be out of focus, your living room might be a hot mess with toys everywhere because that’s life sometimes.. take the photo anyways! Even if you don’t post these images to social media you will cherish them.

If you want to improve your photography with a fun challenge, read about my Project 52 HERE!

*All the pictures in this post were taken with my iPhone 7+


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