Easter Baskets that don’t break the bank

I don’t know about you but I don’t like to spend a lot of money if I don’t have to. Plus Vivien is in a stage where she is not so impressed with toys so I really didn’t want to get her expensive things that she won’t play with anyways. Just keeping it real.

This year I decided to do a simple Easter Basket for Vivien. Everything posted below is from the Target dollar section and they are things that I would have grabbed for her anyways, so its a win for both of us! The best part about her Target dollar section Easter Basket is that I got everything in one trip and it took probably less than five minutes. Which is necessary when you’re going to the store with a toddler and a baby. Some of these things are more than $1 but nothing was more than $5 a piece.

I will add some snacks to the plastic eggs but we won’t be doing candy. Vivien already has a few cavities, poor girl has my bad teeth genes and I want to avoid candy and sweets as much as possible. She loves pink goldfish and trail mix so that’s probably what I will get for her.

  1. Bandaids- Vivien loves band aids and goes through them like it’s her job.
  2. Temporary tattoos- She colors on her arms with markers and thinks its the coolest thing ever so I thought she might like these tattoos.
  3. Socks- You can never have too many socks and at this age they are still excited about getting new ones.
  4. Bunny cup with straw- Vivien likes to have water by her bed at night and I think this cup will be perfect.
  5. Paint for the bathtub- I use this stuff to bribe her to take a bath haha
  6. Notepad and jelly pens- Vivi is a little artist and likes having a notebook like me and she’s obsessed with these jelly pens.
  7. Snail and Bunny dolls- I just thought these were adorable!
  8. Bubbles- So. Many. Bubbles. With the weather getting warmer we will be outside much more and you can never have too many bubbles to play with!
  9. Fork and Spoon- Again one of those things that she needs anyways so it’s going in her basket.
  10. Little fairytale friend toys- I’m curious about these little toys and interested to see if Viv will like them. She likes to collect little things like rocks or little pom poms so I think she will like sorting these.


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