Week 5

5/52 I held off on my posting a picture this week until now in case baby decided to make his grand entrance but as you can see, he hasn't. He's nice and snuggly in there and not showing many signs of wanting to come out. Considering his due date was on Monday the 28th we are all getting a little anxious to meet him! To keep our minds off when this little babe is going to come Vivien and I ... Read the Post

Hospital Bag Must Haves

Today I'm 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant. We are so close! I packed my bag and baby's bag the other day and I wanted to share what I packed. I have to warn you, I have always been an over packer but I'd rather be over prepared than under prepared!  Let's start with my bag! I mostly packed things that I use on a daily basis but added a few extra things. Along with these things I'm bringing ... Read the Post

Week 4

4/52 39 weeks with this little babe in my belly. I don't know you yet but you have been with me the last 9 months. I don't know what your little voice sounds like but you hear us singing and talking all day long. I don't know what your fingers and toes look like but I feel you kicking and tap dancing on my bladder every single day and even more at night. You haven't met your big sister yet but ... Read the Post