Week 1

I'm here again. Taking one picture a week (maybe more!) This time around there are no themes, no pressure, just life. Picking up my camera and taking pictures of our everyday and I'm excited to share. 1/52 Our year started with a pink birthday! My girl turned three and I can still remember when she was teeny tiny with no hair. Now she has enough hair for a bun and is always on the ... Read the Post

A New Year

2019 A new year. New plans, new goals, new routines and new BABY! This year instead of a resolution I chose a word. My word is Thankful. This last year and a half has been a year of struggle, growth, change, a new normal, happiness and restoration, it wasn't easy but I am so thankful for it. We moved from Oregon to Washington, we got new jobs, we moved a couple of more times. I took so many ... Read the Post

Christmas 2018

 December has been completely hectic but our Christmas was perfect and relaxing! We moved at the beginning of the month so between unpacking boxes, getting ready for Christmas and being 8 1/2 months pregnant, there has been a lot going on! On Christmas Eve Dion and I stayed up super late, I wrapped the presents and he put together the play kitchen. Vivien woke up around 7:30 and was so ... Read the Post