Week 26

I'm coming out of the fog that IS LIFE WITH A NEWBORN and starting to feel like my old self again. We're not getting much sleep but our days are filled with a lot of love and that makes it worth it. I'm consuming a crazy amount of coffee and it helps. Ive missed the last few weeks and I can't promise I won't miss any in the future but it feels good to be back. ... Read the Post

Week 19

19 | 52 I'm playing catch up here a little bit, these photos were all taken during week 19. These last few weeks I have been TIRED! We have been keeping super busy and while it is so great and beneficial  to have things to do with the kids but the natural introvert in me needs a break. If I don't have one or two days a week where we just stay home, relax and clean then I feel completely out ... Read the Post

Week 18

18 | 52 The weather is getting warmer and we are getting outside more! We went on a little hike the other day and Vivien loved walking around and finding sticks. Phoenix spent his time in the stroller looking up at the trees. I'm excited for more adventures like this! ... Read the Post

Rainy day play

We've been having classic PNW weather lately, rain and more rain! I normally have no issue with playing in the rain with Vivien, Phoenix is still a little too young to be outside in the wet and cold. While we are waiting for April showers to bring May flowers I'm trying my best to keep Vivien entertained and occupied indoors. Vivien is actually doing so much better with individual and ... Read the Post

Easter Baskets that don’t break the bank

I don't know about you but I don't like to spend a lot of money if I don't have to. Plus Vivien is in a stage where she is not so impressed with toys so I really didn't want to get her expensive things that she won't play with anyways. Just keeping it real. This year I decided to do a simple Easter Basket for Vivien. Everything posted below is from the Target dollar section and they are things ... Read the Post

Week 15

15 | 52 Painting is her jam! I talked about it in my last post but doing structured art projects with Vivi has been a life saver for me. It allows her to do something by herself without needing me to be there every second and that my friends is a beautiful thing! ... Read the Post

Phoenix | Two Months

Phoenix Stone is two months old! Phoenix is such a sweet little guy. He smiles so much, he makes noises and "talks", and he loves to snuggle. He loves bath time and pooping in the bath tub haha! He has been sleeping so good at night and takes 2 or 3 long naps during the day, we still swaddle him at night. He is growing like a weed and weighs 15 lbs. Most of his 0-3 month clothes are too small so ... Read the Post

Week 14

14 |52 This week feels like a blur. I've been sick, then Vivie got sick, now she has an ear infection and I'm very slowly on the mend. Taking care of a sick 3 year old and a 2 month old while your sick yourself is no joke! One thing I love though is the slow moments of rest, the couch snuggles and the way she falls asleep in my arms. ... Read the Post

One Month Favorites

These are my favorite baby products I used with Phoenix in his first month. Every one of these things we still use at 2 months but they were definite must haves when he was first born. I seriously couldn't live without them! Snuggle Me Organic- This lounger is probably my favorite thing on this list. It allows us to safely co sleep with Phoenix in our bed. When you lay the baby down the ... Read the Post

Phoenix’s Birth Story

Both of my babies were born late and that feeling of sitting, waiting and wishing is unlike any other. At my 41 week appointment my midwife scheduled an induction for 3 days later which was a Wednesday. Early Wednesday morning I woke up around 3:45 am, Vivien had made her way into our bed during the night so I picked her up to move her back to her bed, as soon as I did I felt a gush! I was unsure ... Read the Post

Tara and Alex | Lakewood Family Photographer

I went to middle school with Tara and Alex so it's really cool to see them all grown up and married now. I have done a few sessions for them and they are always so sweet. This was one of my first sessions at this locations and it was absolutely gorgeous. The trees were in between fall and winter so there were a few pretty leaves left! Look at their cute little dogs riding in the car, oh my ... Read the Post

Week 13

13|52 I got my camera back from the shop this week and it was like being reunited with an old friend! Look at how big this little guy has gotten! He is so chill and he is growing into his sweet personality. He also grew a double chin and its the cutest double chin I have ever seen! ... Read the Post