52:9 My Favorite Thing

How do I pick just one? Although it might sound cliché, my favorite thing ever is being a mom. It filled a piece of my heart that was missing, It gave me a new purpose in life and has motivated me and helped me grow in so many ways! 

As a child I dreamed of being a mother and having a daughter. Now that I get to live my dream I know so much more love and happiness then I ever knew. The little things are my favorite, being a girl mom, buying ruffle swimsuits and pink rain boots, picking out an Easter dress and the perfect bow to match, her little baby curls, when she puts her boots on the wrong feet, helping her wrap her babies up in blankets and then rocking them to “sleep”, watching her dance and spin round and around in the living room with her daddy when he gets home from work. These are a few of my favorite things…



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