52:8 Low Light
This week was really out of my comfort zone. I am a natural light photographer. I love bright images with pretty light so this week had me a little nervous. I set up a few shoots with low light but in the end I wasn’t happy with my results. On Wednesday night I left Vivien at home with my husband and went to a woman’s group, it was so nice to get out of the house by myself! It had been snowing on and off all day but not enough to stick. At the end of the night I went outside and there was snow on the ground and it was coming down like crazy! I had my camera in my bag so I decided to go for a walk and capture the pretty snow and quiet streets. It was so relaxing walking around in the snow and not having to worry about anyone but myself. I was able to get lost in my thoughts and was just what I needed to unwind from a stressful week.

If you’re new to the project welcome! It’s never to late to get started. For more information on The Arlyn Collective Project 52 click here  and to see last weeks photo, click here!



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