52: 12-14 and Real Life

Yesterday was the first day in three weeks that I could think clearly and didn’t have a pounding migraine. Whatever sickness I was plagued with was terrible and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I had great plans to dye Easter eggs with Vivien and take pictures of her in her easter dress and a few other things but life happens and I’m learning to roll with it. This is a big learning curve for me because I like things to go the way I want, who doesn’t? But sometimes it’s best to take some time to relax and not worry about the little things. How often do we get to do that as parents? Definitely not often enough!

The great thing about this project 52 is you can take several pictures in one day to quickly catch up, which is exactly what I did! If you feel like you’ve missed too many weeks to catch up I encourage you to pick up on the current week. Don’t worry about missing some weeks! The whole point of this project is to pick up your camera more often so just pick it up, start wherever you want. 

52:12 Color

I am constantly amazed by the beauty of nature, I found all of these rainbow stones at the beach while Vivi was digging and throwing rock in the water.


 52:13 Around the Corner

He isn’t usually around the corner, he’s usually underneath my feet or sitting as clothes to me as possible. He’s my first baby and definitely takes his role seriously. Also, don’t mind the leftover Easter grass haha.


52:14 Simple

The simplest moments are the most precious. The things we often over look or take for granted are the things I want to remember when she isn’t so little anymore. Like falling asleep on Mama’s bed or those sweet baby curls.

Welcome to my Project 52! Each week I will be posting a new photo with a new prompt, If you want to join in on the fun sign up here to get the prompts! If you post on Instagram make sure to use the hashtag #arlyncollective52 and if you blog share your link in the comments so I can check it out!


If you read through all of that I appreciate you more than you know!



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