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Phoenix | one month

My boy! You are one month old. One month of loving you, one month of your sister constantly kissing your face and one month as a family of four. Dion and I still laugh when we say "the kids" because its kind of hard to believe we have two! Phoenix fits so perfectly into our family and he is so incredibly loved. This last month we have been laying low, Dion had two weeks off work and it snowed ... Read the Post

Week 10

10/52 This project is really helping me to be more spontaneous, catching those sweet moments when I least expect them to happen and just rolling with it. Vivien's hair looks like this 93% of the time and she's worn this shirt for the three day in a row but this is our everyday REAL life and I have no shame in our messy hair game. Spoiler alert.. my hair looks like this 93% of the time ... Read the Post

Week 9

9/52 Newborn pictures for my littlest love. This week I had to learn (and am still learning) to go easy on myself, to not make a big deal out of things I can’t control. Let me tell you, it is hard. I planned on taking Phoenix's Newborn pictures but when he turned exactly a week old my camera broke. I grabbed my back up camera, the camera I started my photography journey with and ... Read the Post