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Week 3

3/52 She tells me that she has a baby in her belly too and today she told me that when he cries she's going to pick him up and make him feel better. My mama heart is melting! I propped up my camera on a pile of Vivien's books on top of our dresser and I used the canon remote app on my phone to get this shot. Metadata: 1/200, f/1.4, ISO 6400, 35mm   ... Read the Post

Maternity Pictures

I don't get behind the camera very often but documenting my growing belly was something that I knew I wanted to do. We prayed and prayed for this sweet little baby and I want to look back at these pictures and remember how thankful I am that I got to carry him for 9 months and be his mama. These were taken when I was 34 weeks pregnant. I set up the manual settings and gave the camera to my sister ... Read the Post

Week 2

2/52 In our last house we didn't have a bath tub and I had no idea how much I would miss it! Vivien is a shower taking pro but nothing beats bubble baths and wrinkly toes. It's also very sad being pregnant and not being able to take a bath, trust me I'm making up for it!  Now if only she would let me wash her hair without making that face in the last ... Read the Post