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Project 52:16

52:16 Routine Mom life routine. Wake up. Get toddler cheerios. Play "baby shark" videos on repeat. Then we play outside if it's nice and run errands or go to memaw's house. It's a simple routine but I love it. ... Read the Post

Our Trip to the Tulips

If you have never been to the tulip festival in Mt. Vernon, I highly recommend it, there were SO MANY TULIPS! It was kind of surreal, it felt like I was walking around in a children's story book. We drove up on Sunday with my family and took our time walking through all of the different colored rows of tulips. It was super muddy and Vivien's favorite part was jumping in the puddles and trying to ... Read the Post

Braxton turns 2 | Tacoma Family Photographer

This little guy recently had a birthday so it was time to document! Braxton and his family were so fun to hang out with. He was a little unsure at first as I'm sure most 2 year olds would be with a lady holding a big camera in their face following them around.  Once he warmed up he was so happy and had the best smile! We looked for airplanes in the sky and ran around while exploring new areas ... Read the Post