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Friday Favorites!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays to dress up for, I love all of the pretty pastels and ruffles. Here are some of my favorite little girl dresses I found. Number 9 is the dress I got for Vivien, I'm going to style it with a flutter sleeve pastel shirt, her floral rainboots and probably some knee socks! This dress is currently sold out but I will post the link to the Etsy shop it's from Linda ... Read the Post

Tired Toddler, Tired Mama

You wouldn't be able to tell by looking at these pictures but this two year old has been giving me a run for my money! Terrible twos are a thing and I don't know if it will ever end. She woke up crying, took a morning nap, woke up crying, took an afternoon nap, woke up crying.. you get the idea. I am so grateful to be a mom but this season of life is hard. We are just trying to keep busy and get ... Read the Post


52:11 Lucky Seven months ago we moved back to my home town and it was one of the best things I have ever done. There is just something about being in a place you love that fills your soul with happiness. I am so lucky to be able to drive five minutes and find myself at the beach. The view, the ocean air, the cold and sunny spring weather.. this is home and I'm lucky to have it. Welcome to my ... Read the Post

Easter Basket Favorites

I have had Easter on the brain for a while and am starting to gather some things for Vivien's Easter basket this year! My plan is to get her some things she needs and some things that she will have fun playing with. Here are a few things I've had my eye on for her  Easter basket. My other ideas are glitter chalk, washable paints, kids gardening gloves and maybe some shovels and buckets. V ... Read the Post

Why You Should Always Shoot in Raw

You have probably heard of "shooting in raw" (If you haven't, its okay!) Just because you have heard of it doesn't necessarily mean you know what it means or how to do it. I am going to explain what shooting in raw means, how you do it and why it's beneficial! Once you start you will never want to stop, trust me. There are two types of shooting jpeg and raw. If you have never switched the ... Read the Post


  52:10 Rule of Thirds My darling, I don't know where I would be without you. Yes, I'm talking to my coffee.   Welcome to my Project 52! Each week I will be posting a new photo with a new prompt, If you want to join in on the fun sign up here to get the prompts! If you post your weekly post on Instagram make sure the hashtag #arlyncollective52 and if you blog share your link in the ... Read the Post

How to Shoot in Manual Mode

When I got my camera 4 years ago I didn't know anything about photography. I knew I wanted to take pretty pictures but I had no idea how and where to get started.  I tried to read my camera's manual and articles online but everything I read was really hard for me to understand. I wish I had a friend who could sit down with me over coffee and talk me through this "manual mode" thing. I finally ... Read the Post


52:9 My Favorite Thing How do I pick just one? Although it might sound cliché, my favorite thing ever is being a mom. It filled a piece of my heart that was missing, It gave me a new purpose in life and has motivated me and helped me grow in so many ways!  As a child I dreamed of being a mother and having a daughter. Now that I get to live my dream I know so much more love and happiness ... Read the Post