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Project 52 Week 5

The prompt for week 5 is "Shadow" These types of photos can be so fun and allow you to think outside the box. It is also really easy to get pictures with lots of shadows this time of year. For us in the PNW the sky is grey, its super cloudy and my images always tend to get more moody in winter. Take a picture with natural shadows or play with light and angles to get something more dramatic! ... Read the Post


52:4 Negative Space When I was a kid one of my favorite places to be was at my grandparents house. Grandma would pull out the couch bed and let us eat as much ice cream as we wanted. We usually watched The Sound of Music, The Wizard of OZ or cartoons on TV. Grandpa would let us sit in his comfy recliner with him and read to my sister and I. He would read to us as many books as we wanted, reading ... Read the Post

Project 52 Week 4

This week we are talking about "Negative Space" Playing around with negative space in your images can take your photos the next level, It's appealing to the eye and draws your viewers in to your subject. Negative space is basically just your subject with empty space around them. An example of this is cup of coffee on the counter, if your taking your picture from above, the coffee would be ... Read the Post


52:3 Drink This morning I was unappologetically sipping my second diet coke of the day before 10 am. We moved to a new house and new city this weekend and misplaced our coffee machine...This mama can't make it through her day without caffeine so I'll take what I can get. Normally I'm not so fancy and drink it straight from the can. Please send coffee! Sincerely, a mom who needs caffeine to keep ... Read the Post

Project 52 Week 3

Okay, next week I will try to have my sh... together and have this post out on Monday #procrastinatorforlife Even in school I would litereally wait until the night before to do big long papers, I don't know why and I don't know how to make it stop! Okay back to why you are reading this post.. Week 3! This week our prompt is "drink" You're healthy smoothie, coffee, tea, cocktails? What your ... Read the Post


    52:2 From Above   This week was a week of many changes. I started a new job as a nanny so Vivien and I wake up at 5am, get dressed, eat breakfast and drive into work together. We talk about how dark it is outside and how pretty all of the street lights are. Long gone are the days of staying in bed until 10:30 eating dry cheerios and avoiding getting up at all costs and ... Read the Post

Vivien turns 2

On December 27th this little goose turned 2! How does the time pass so fast? I know everyone says this but you don't really think about it until it's your own baby. Vivi girl, you have grown up so much over the last year. You say so many sweet like, "I love you",  "Please, mama" and " Where Nin-ney?" (where's Finley). One huge milestone you hit this year was having enough hair for pigtails!! ... Read the Post

Project 52 Week 2

      Week 2! This week our prompt is "From Above" An example of this would be kids working on activities, rainboots in a puddle, the mess of toys I tend to be drowning in on the daily, an art project. Anything really! This angle is fun because it allows you to look at things from a different perspective. If you're just now starting, it isn't too late! Feel free to jump in at ... Read the Post

White Christmas

    Our Christmas this year was pretty magical. We got snow! In the PNW it snows pretty randomly and not very often so for the first snow of the year to be on Christmas Eve was pretty special! On Christmas eve we drove North to my grandparents farm and it was so pretty in the snow! We spent time with family that we haven't seen in a while, and had a Christmas feast. There were many good ... Read the Post


 52:1 Introduction This is me. A mom drinking coffee because my daughter was up before the sun came up this morning. A photographer always trying to capture the beauty in our everyday. An imperfect perfectionist trying to take a pretty picture of my coffee and spilling it everywhere. Welcome to my Project 52! Each week I will be posting a new photo with a new prompt, If you want to join ... Read the Post

Project 52 Week 1

  Welcome to Week 1!  First of all, if you aren't sure what a project 52 is, read about it here The subject this week is "Introduction" This can be shown in so many different ways. It can be a self portrait, it can be one of your favorite things, it can be a picture of your everyday life. Anything that helps introduce who you are. Feel free to share a little bit about yourself ... Read the Post