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Mermaid Hair

If you want your hair to grow longer and faster this mermaid hair recipe is key. After Vivien was born I started to notice some hair thinning and receding hairline stuff going on, which is a pretty normal postpartum thing but I was NOT happy about it. My hair was falling out like crazy and I had no idea how to make it stop. I used these oils in my dry shampoo recipe I talked about HERE and it ... Read the Post

My Favorite Oils Outside of the Starter Kit

So you bought your kit and you love it.. but now you are wanting to try some oils outside the kit and don't quite know where to start?  These 9 oils are my favorite must have oils  outside of the starter kit! We use a lot of these oils daily and they are good for so many different things. Cedarwood// Has a woodsy scent. Is great for sleep when added to lavender or orange. It can ... Read the Post

Painting Pumpkins

  We painted pumpkins this weekend, it was fun and super messy! Not only did we paint pumpkins but Vivien also painted her legs, feet toes and face. She also cried half of the time so theres that.. Painting with a toddler can be quite the adventure.I think I'm going to tackle pumpkin carving later this week. It might be fun to let her pull out all of the slimy pumpkin seeds or it might ... Read the Post